Vermiqueen Tells All!

Vermicomposting got to love the worms!

more than mommy

Wow!!  Have I got a treat for you guys!  My dear friend Elyse, aka the Vermi-Queen, has given me an incredible interview about her experience and advice on vermicomposting, gardening, and urban homesteading.  This woman is a powerhouse and I’m always being inspired by the risks, adventures, and new undertakings she commits herself too.  While I could go on about her rock star rollerderby, insane home brewery, or educational altruism – today we are talking…


Red wrigglers to be specific as they are Elyse’s slimy pet of choice.

In bold are my questions

In italics are her answers

What is vermi-composting?

Vermicomposting involves taking leftovers (normally scraps and trash) and having the worms break down the food. This results in a soil like fertilizer.

Can you briefly explain the process of vermicomposting?

In our home we try to minimize our waste or reuse it in the best way…

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